Managing Bp

Topics covered at a local BP seminar on managing this disorder:

A clear and meaningful understanding of the bipolar condition.
The importance of acceptance in resolving to create a better life.
Expanding awareness of your thoughts and actions.
The power of Introspection in changing your thoughts and actions.
Habits - how they work and the power to change them.
Mind Skills - an introduction on healing brain functions that may be impaired by medications or psychotic episodes.
Relationships - an introduction to learning about nourishing relationships that work.
How to turn your condition into an advantage! The Life Plan model for a clear path to success.
Identifying Results worth striving for.
Setting goals for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationships and career/financial aspects of life.
Understanding fears, roadblocks to success, and how to deal with mistakes.
Getting Help: The importance of an integrated team of support.

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you can start with your doctor...

you can start with your doctor...

How can I get more information? It sounds like everything I need to know. My major problem is learning to accept and live with the fact that I'm bi polar.