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1st Time Showing My True Face....

since i have memory i battle with this moods swings. is hard, makes tired. when i feel sad....i dont want to talk to anybody, i dont want to shower, i dont want anything. i am a very lonely person. i love to be alone, since i was a little girl, i love the silence, the time to put things in perspective. but when i feel depressed, i feel like nothing makes sense, like the situation that i am living in is the worst of the world, and after when the storm past i feel like a clown....crying for such a little thing, and is a circle ...time past, life pass....

People say i am amazing and i know i am, i am positive when i have to be, i try to see the best in every human being and if people get asked to describe me with one word almost all of them will tell you i am always with a smile in my face....yes i smile quite a lot, but i am sad equally too.

nobody even imagine the battle that i fight inside meself.....every day is a new challenge, i wish to feel less tired, less overwhelmed, more light, get rid of this matter the battles even if i win or not, i love meself, i know a have a unique purpose in life, a mission to acomplish and i now know is not easy, not for me...but why should it be right????

sorry if my words wont make sense, is just really an accurate expression of my emotions at the moment, they are soo hidden, the other people from the outside cant even percive them...maybe that is why i feel the need to share with people that is like me, that can relate....and feel my pain that can see my true face, this face that some days i love, others days hate...

lonelygirlinUSA lonelygirlinUSA 31-35, F Apr 27, 2012

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