Roller Coaster Is An Understatement.

I've been dealing with the diagnosis of Bipolar and Borderline personality for roughly six years now. I've been in and out of hospitals and seeing a psychiatrist all along, but I can't seem to stay on the right path. Do I stay on meds or not? Frankly I'm scared to death about the side effects and the fact that I have a few drinks from time to time. Please someone share some experience with meds and this disorder because it always seems like I'm at the end of my rope and suicide is constantly on my mind.
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I'm Bi-polar 2 and have been relatively stable on my med's for quite awhile. 1200mg Lithium 20 mg Paxil and 50mg Trazadone to help me get to sleep. I was a heavy drinker when I first started this regime which made it really hard to tell if they were working but now that I've been sober for 3 years I'm really seeing the benefits. It probably took about a year to get thru the the Post acute withdrawl symptoms but things are good enough now that I'm considering dropping the lithium to 900mg.
The main side effect with lithium is thirst so I carry a water bottle with me at most times but drinking lots of water is good for you for a number of reasons anyway. The small dose of
Trazadone doesn't seem to have any real side effects and I find it really important to get to to sleep quickly and have a good night's rest. Without proper rest my moods are all over the place. The Paxil seems to effect sex drive in men which I definitely don't like so
I'm looking into alternatives but for now I'm coping with it OK.
All this being said I think the most important thing in dealing with Bi-Polar disorder is to
have a loving and supportive partner! I don't know where I'd be without my girl.
Hope this helps a bit. Feel free to contact me if you want.


i was diagnosed with biopolar in my late teens. my parents do not believe in med or therapy. i am 35 and never took meds. I exercise a lot, mostly swimming. it was very therapeutical to me. I saw my psych recently and she said that i was definitly manic depressive. Somedays are better than others. the trick i guess is to learn how detect a mental episode and be ready! I am married and i have a i am constantly busy. I am for medication of course, but do not seem to really need it yet! will see how long i can stay sane before i totally lose is constantly in my mind but i am always positive and hopeful.<br />
by the way, my parents and all my sibling suffer some form of depression, biopolar disease but nobody is in meds. My younger brother however has been in therapy for years because he is manic depressive. his case is much worse than mine, he has not learned yet how to control his thoughts and impulses.<br />
I say try therapy, support groups and meditation/exercise and or meds. <br />
did you know that most therapist now refer to biopolar disease as manic depression? please seek help in reference to your suicidal thoughts, try contacting depression biopolar support alliance... i hope you can fight it and enjoy your life. no matter how bad you feel, know that there people out there who feel much worse...

I have been on medication since 1992. I am diagnosed bipolar. I have been hospitalized only 3 times. There is a great website I recommend its DBSA has online support groups and some cities have meetings where you can go in person for support. I am presently taking Wellbutrin (antidepressant) and Geodon also known as Ziprasidone. I hope you can get a therapist to help you regarding the thoughts of suicide. Google DBSA its stands for Depression Bipolar Support Alliance