My Partner Is Bipolar 2 But Will Not Seek Help

We are very happily married with young kids and most of the time my partner is great .However once a week on average he now displays the classic signs of Bipolar 2-including heavy drinking until sick.
I try to be totally supportive and positive .I even got him to a psychologist but he pretended there was nothing wrong.
He refuses to acknowledge he needs help.
He says it's just that he hates his job. Please does anyone have suggestions on how I can help him.
Best wishes to you all
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

There's not much you can do unless he's willing. If he's a danger to him self or someone else you can try to have him committed. Most have to hit rock bottom before they seek help. When I finally hit my breaking point I thought everyone else was crazy and I was the only sain one! Good luck!!

Maybe I can help ?
I have 26 years in the Psychology field and I worked with behaviors.
I also have Bipolar.

Maybe you could do a search at the " MAYO CLINIC " site and look at the symptoms.

Could you give me some examlpes of his moods ? Alcohol can cause mood swings for people.

Don't be so quick to diagnose him. I can understand why you are concerned though. One thing to keep in mind is that some people who are bipolar don't think that anything is wrong with them, especially if they are in a manic state. If you're husband is bipolar, do you're best to educate yourself on the condition so that you can understand him better. It may alleviate at least some of your relationship tensions so that you can work on some of the bigger problems together.