Do You Ever Think Like This?

Have you ever been so high everything you touch literally sparkles?
Have you ever been so high everything you put in your mouth tastes good, even paper?
Everyone around you are so beautiful, compassionate and special, and so are you.
There's the beautiful song again; the world is beautiful.
Have you ever stayed up all night to write, draw, paint, sculpt or think out all your excellent ideas?
Once you could fly and touch the stars.
They need the money more than you.
The voices are always right. After all, they come from you.
Do you know the cure for cancer?
You will rule the universe someday.

Have you ever been so low everything that casts a shadow is out to get you?
Have you ever been so low just the thought of food makes you sick?
Everyone around you are corrupted, cold-hearted and evil, and you are one of them.
There's the evil chanting in the back of your head again; you deserve to die.
Have you ever outslept your cat because there is no reason to get out of bed?
Once you could swear you descended into hell.
They are evil bloodsuckers.
The voices are silent. Your self-hatred is silent proof.
Even if you did, who would care?
You and people like you should be put to sleep.
MargaretMcCormick MargaretMcCormick
26-30, F
3 Responses Jul 27, 2010

i feel like that all the time

Yes I've had it both and know exactly how it feels Yet, I wasn't diagnosed as bipolar! Go figure

very touching and true.<br />
i am bipolar too