Being Bipolar

My experience with bipolar has not been fun: it has included periods of alcoholism, unemployment, legal entaglements, lonlieness, self doubt, you get the picture.  But I wonder if the rest of you share this same thing: the thing I'm most bitter about are the wasted years: material possesions can be re-aquired, but time you can never get back.  I find this a stumbling block of sorts in that I kick myself in the rear for all the lost time that ain't coming back.
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3 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Im bipolar I and can relate to what you've been through. I'm 31 now but have always felt depressed. Had my first manic episode at 27, but alcoholism and major issues with employment began when I first left school. The longest job I had was 16 months and that only lastest that long because my boss tolerated my drinking issue. I also feel that I don't like who I am or even know who I am. And as the years go by I get more lonely and lonely because most of my friends and even family, don't like me anymore and I'm scared to get close to new friends now cause they probably won't like me either. I've only been recently diagnosed and I'm still seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist and have only just started medication and haven't started therapy yet. So, at this point in time I pretty much feel like an idiot for not knowing something was wrong with me to the point that I needed help, and like I've wasted my entire life when I could have maybe made things better a long time ago.

I know exactely how you feel as I recently lost my husband of 20 years and realise how much I missed out. The answer is very simple: let go of the past. It was most likely a karmic debt and you are done with it. You now have the choice to make the future much brighter so dont waste another second. Be Happy! Watch "The Secret" it will help you make massive changes in your life. All the best to you.

I Dont Kick Myself No More I move on. tough times never last, tough people do :)