I Recently Found Out That I Am Bipolar

I recently found out that I am bipolar. Yes, it was a little shocking at first, but I have now come to accept it.
This would explain so many things, the racing thoughts, the sex drives, my insane mood swings. It would explaing basicly everything that makes me, me. My boyfriend has fully accepted it also. He was there when I was depressed for months, there when I was thinking about suicide. I know that I am only 14, but I know that I love him. The amazing things is that he feels the same way. <3
My mom isn't as accepting though. She thinks that I lie about being bipolar, that I am just doing it for attention. I know that I'm not just doing it for attention. Why would I fake being depressed, or fake other things? I sometimes have to wonder about how much she trusts me sometimes.
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1 Response Jan 28, 2012

hello there hun .I'm Paul and I'm also bipolar and I can totally understand what you mean and feel ONLY another person with bipolar can fully understand another bipolar person .its so hard as you can't help the way you are its like someone have the controller for all your moods and can change your mood at will and at the worst times .one day your angry as Hell the next your bouncin off the walls like your drug user the next you lay in bed so tried you don't even come out to eat and non of your family listen or understand how your feeling what's it like living with bipolar most of my friends they try to understand but one min your talking so fast can't sit still for a few Mims the life and soul of the party the next you can't look at anyone in the eyes you can't talk to anyone and you just wanna go home and sleep I'm 23 I left school at 16 lol I know you can tell it do me much good but i didn't understand what wad wrong or why i felt like the way I do and I had my family saying "I can stay in bed and act silly like you to" and I missed so much time off school I had a suit come down and all she said to me and this plays on my mind alot "do you love your mum if you don't go to school your mum will go prison and your go into care and your never see your mum again" she shook my hand left and I never seen her again thank the trees .if your family done understand show them some websites to learn and understand more there some videos on YouTube to that can help your family understand the way you are you can't help it so just have to learn to live with it and your boyfriend sounds a great lad for sticking with you through what can be very challenging times so he's a keeper that one .and I truly wish you all the best .and try and enjoy life (on a high you can spend and make a lot of new friends and on a low you can lose everything but if they are your true family and friends they will stick with you no matter what happens)