In A Bind

Most of you probably know how this goes. You wake up in the morning completely depressed and already exhausted, even after a good night's sleep...then you drink some coffee to wake up, and you become manic. In an hour it turns back into depression and before you know it, your mood is on another rollercoaster for the rest of the day.

Sometimes it feels like a bind to have Bipolar Disorder because we already have deficiencies in our bodies and minds, and doing anything to elevate ourselves- or calm ourselves down in the case of mania- only makes things go to the opposite extreme. Our seemingly only 'healthy' option is to deal with our moods without any sort of non-medical aid, but we all know that is hell on earth at times.

In my case, I'm looking for work after moving from a town where I worked happily as a cook for two years. I cannot drive right now because I simply do not have enough money for insurance and gas. I am staying in a farm town for now with almost nothing to do close by, and my friends from where I once was have moved on to other friends and I almost hear nothing from them. I am completely bored, without any sort of purpose after living two years with a ton of it, and I am in a depression that is almost unbearable. What is one to do?

It's taking all I have not to have another crisis, but with no means to escape my house and do something with myself- this is extremely difficult.
jayjangle jayjangle
Apr 10, 2012