I Just Found Out...

i have bipolar disorder. i found out yesterday and i feel so confused:(. my psychiatrist wants to start me on lithium next week. but im scared. i have severe depression. has anyone tried the naturopathic route? i feel very sad. i had severe depression where i lost touch with reality for 4 months and then a hypomanic episode for a month and a half. i was on antidepressants and then i almost killed myself before it kicked in. she says i would hav ebeen hospitalized. im so scared. im so scared of hallucinating. i dont know if i could live through another episode. this is only the beginning. also im scared of kidney and thyroid failure. what does this happen to me? i wish i had support. what is it like? i didn't even know i was depressed at the time i just didn't trust anyone. does that mean this will happen again? but when i was hypomanic i believed my doctor at the time so thats good. i dunno. im so scared. :( someone help me.... who has been through this? why me? although i feel so smart, i feel like i have tapped into so many gifts. i remember things so earsily and i have suh a good creative side. ghahh..
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2 Responses Apr 21, 2012

I was a right mess, I had been undiagnosed for years and been taking the wrong medication before lithium, so I was in full break down when they put me on it. I have been on it 6 years now, and I can;t say i have had any real relapses depression still happens but it is so much easier to deal with, and I have always seek counselling when times are tough. I think this helps a great deal. it is different for everyone and remember alot of the time circumstances play a big roll in how we are feeling, but I know three others on lithium and we have all had similar experiences. The only thing is it can make you have pimples, but keep a cleanser handy and eve that won't be a problem. My symptoms were extreme depression, with extreme anger, I went quickly from one emotion to another, I also had no focus, every day I was going to be and do something different, I just could stay with one idea, so I was very erratic. now I am a lot more balanced, and my moods don't jump around, I have a fairly normal range of emotion. but I must say take any help that is on offer, it is scary I know, but it is better than living with untreated bi polar I assure! :) my life was a train wreck. now it is back on track.

I was on lithium, you have nothing to worry about. you may need to do a blood test now and again, but seriously you will be fine. lithium is a good drug, I had the usual side effects for the first couple weeks the it nothing. take ya pills and keep going to counselling....you literally will feel better for it.