Longtime Friend Of Mine

you have been with me since my earliest memories
at five, I stood on a ledge on any other day  I would have never climbed
On that day, I started taking risks
My imaginary friends were the only ones that understood me
but as time elapsed they outgrew me
I can one moment be filled with joy and
the next wish my heart could fly when sadness lingers around me
As the rain glistens the leaves I cry
Hating the sadness she brings only within me
The window mirroring a bitter, pitiful me
I used to be like a lion and its prey in mania
Now I am just a bee buzzing the others away from my honey
that fills me with joy and of course when I have a nice chunk of money
It is short lived and sadness returns to consume the best of me

natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
May 7, 2012