The First Major Step Was Accepting My Diagnosis!

I stumbled across this site by accident this morning or possibly not by accident........Two years ago I finally received an "ah ha" moment when an excellent doctor calmly stated my diagnosis. This was only after about ten doctors attempted to diagnosis my condition without any cooperation on my part. Wonder why it took me 48 years? I know why, I am bipolar, thats why, duhh. Since then I patiently (a first for me) began the journey that will continue for the rest of my life and this simple acknowlegement has saved my life on many occasions since then. For me, just simply sitting and talking to a doctor openly and completely honest for the first time has me convinced that if I had taken this first step earlier in my life I could have avoided some very catistrophic events. All I can say is acceptance for me was my first step.
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1 Response May 15, 2012

Holly, I know that "hit myself on the side-of-the-head" feeling :)<br />
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What were your second steps? <br />
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I've yet to write my story here... I'm still absorbing and trying to figure out where to begin... for each time I find a beginning, I look back... lol... and find a new beginning... and so it goes.<br />
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thanks for sharing!