I Have Bi Polar And It Does Lot Of Things To Me

I have bipolar and then i get Manic and then i spent money fast .
And i have to watch my self and what I am buy and make sure i can pay for it
if i use a credit card. and really think about be for I do it .
And talk to some one about it.

Relinship is hard for me .
And relised when i am in the Bi Polar .
I have to remined my self I don't get married.
Or do in thing un till i come out of it.
And some days I wonder if I will come out of it .And then I do .
My Girlfriend tells me I know you are in a relinship you change.
And that is the way I go.
I am a Lady and wanted some one .
But I have to think what i am think and what it is doing to me .
And hang in there you people that have Bipolar I feel for you.
You need to talk to some one I am here and have had it all my life.
And learn how to deal with it .
And lot of counslen and hang in there.
And Noise sets off.
Then some time about to hit the ground . Then I know Mr. Bipolar came in my life.
I am here if you need some one and you remember that. What I have learn mint help you.

ladywolf123 ladywolf123
51-55, F
May 22, 2012