Confused,lost... Mad At God?

I'm mad at god my mom made me go to church this morning and I was soo mad. The preacher was talking about how great god is and how we need to be thankful for what he gives us, but he gave me bipolar disorder and I don't want to be bipolar. I can't even go to public school because I may hurt someone! Why did he do this to me?? Im so lost..... I'm only 12 and can name more pills and alcoholic drinks because of my mom and brother... I'm on meds that they give to serial killers. Any know how to help me?
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

My house isn't negative anymore my brother is off at college and my mom went to rehab last yr but I'm still mad at her for all she put me through...... My mother honestly isn't that hypocritical. The god thing: I want to live my own life for myself not have him help me through everything not say I won't need help here and there. Your helped me with the god thing so thanks

It sounds to me like a lot of the issue lies in the home. While you may have a bipolar disorder, having what appears to be a very unhealthy home life will impact you super negatively as well. You have a hypocritical mother for one, and you disnt even really seem to realize that in your post so obviously hypocrisy in others is something you have grown accustomed to, which is not healthy either. I would talk to your psychologist and psychiatrist about this. If you drink or do drugs this will also have negative effects especially when used in combination with your medication. Now onto the god thing... I personally do not have any such beliefs but my parents do and they would tell you this: God will never give you something you can handle on your own. He gives you big things so that you trust in him to handle them. Give your problems to the lord because only he can fix things.