I Have Bipolar

Guess I'm one of the lucky few that had the luxuary of being diagnosed early in life with Bi-Polar 2 and 3. Not so lucky I have it. Angery all of the time. Sad at the same time and like a switch I can be just fine. Nobody gets it to well. They just go with the flow and have deemed me weird or nutty. Sort of how my life has always been. The hidden angry hateing person. In reality I'm really not. I lose touch with who I am a lot now a days. Never know excatly what I want. Always pissed off or angry about something if one little trigger occurs them BAM! I will finish the converstation. Seriously whats a life worth living if solving it is not a soultion? Its only maintainable.. I've gotton hardly anywhere in life and boy if i could actually be where I wanted to be in my life at this point I would be there. I suppose my mood is - Angry Upset and fed up.
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18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 22, 2012

I just do the best i can. It seems in today's society being bipolar, or whatever, is particularly looked down on. My friend once gave me some very good advice. Either people will accept you or they won't. I didn't feel this was profound really at all until i applied it to my life. I have friends who know my struggles and are like whatever, come over lets chill. There are also those who just secretly laugh at me and insult me so i just don't talk to them. My emotions are wild too. I just try to meditate and focus myself to my center, that helps me a lot. Best of luck!

Keep fighting the good fight that's what we gotta do , it's like perserverance through suffering for me , i wish you all the best