World's Longest Depression Stage

I think I've remembered (yeah I have some) some times where I was uncontrollable excited (for some reason, I'm not usually like that). That means that, only on weird times I've been happy. I am bipolar (maybe clinical depression this stage is sooooo long) and I know it. Though now I doubt I'll ever be happy again.
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Happiness is not meant to be a constant state, it is measured in moments and experiences, however brief and fleeting they may be. Don't take the unhappy times for granted...they make the good, happy times all the more wonderful when they DO happen.

This may sound dramatic but ...OH DEAR GOD , don't give into a state of hoplessness before you hear me out, what I too lived through is exactly what you are living, is is what I call "THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL" it is not necessasry for you to continue in this depression as it is now. You obviously have seen specialist on it but are you sticking to a med that isn't working or don't take regularly?? The right combination of meds is what you need. I do know what I take is working after trying Lithium countless times. I take three meds and regularly. I am a happy woman generally but I NEVER loose touch with what others are experiencing with this "DNOTS". It's the darkest place of all, it is the bottom of the barral where you are always questioning yourself and what the hell is going on here with me?? You should start hunting seriously for the right combination . Get a good Dr. . I can tell you I am soooo happy and these days will be remembered as a period of time when had a broken spirit, a condition of the brain and soul.

I hope you come right

Just wait for the mania and you'll be kicking it old school.<br />

I have been depressed for 2 and 3 years at a time. I wouldn't go and partake in drugs. Speed on top of depression had me so catatonic next morning I could barely speak at all. Best thing you can do is keep talking to your doc periodically and if there's no improvement maybe look at swizzling some around a bit. I can't take antiDs they hype me up but you might be OK with them if you're already on a mood stabilizer. There's a couple of relatively uncommon antipsychotics that can help with depression. One they put me on that actually seemed to work was sulpiride. That might be something to look into. It also made me feel calmer.

You will be happy again. Talk to your doctor if you can and explain how you're feeling -- they will be able to help you.

i understand exactly what shes talking about..yes telling her to get hel[ n doctor is right to say but honestly it doesnt help i can soo relate..its been over 3 years now u still feel the same? u take meds or ? id love to talk to u about this i can definetly relate

get a support system. friends, family, doctors, therapist, whatever.. you will feel happier when you have people who understand and support you..

You will find happiness again only to experience sadness that is what bipolar is all about. Ups and down. Our job is to learn to cope with both. There will be tears with smiles to follow learn to sail and enjoy those happy times and when you experience sadness and tears you will be able to recall the happy times which made you smile. Hang in there there is a world of people out there experience what you are, I am one them I hear you and wish I could be with you for a shoulder to lean on. Life does go on and there is alot out there for us to experience NO ONE IS SUPPOSE TO BE SAD FOR A LIFE TIME. Happiness is waiting to cover you just let it when it comes knocking

I have also felt the depression would never dissipate.<br />
I had been in a depression for two years once. I thought I would truly looses my mind, but it dissipated with time.<br />
<br />

Im sure youll find happiness. But you have to take very good care of yourself. I have a family member with bipolar who doesnt take their meds and everyone suffers for it when they go into one of their episodes. You have to take your meds most people with bipolar dont.

there is hope. keep working at it and pray, if you pray, sing if you sing, but be heard. Lots of people are bipolar. my husband is one. I have a difficult time with this disorder, and I love my husband.

You will be happy again--at least happier than you are now! There are some amazing drugs out there! Go forth and partake :)