I Finally Maybe Learning To Deal, Better Than I Thought Anyways:)

I was diagnosed with bipolar, PTSD, post partum depression, and OCD in 2009 and I have to say that's a long list of things to deal with. After a venture of going off the deep end and doing things a truly regret, here I am several years later finally taking responsibility and dealing with these worrisome issues! I recently started journaling, which is really refreshing and I think that it has helped me more than I ever imagined. I also recently learned that my 6 year old son could possibly have childhood bipolar and that scares me, but at the same time it makes me want to help myself more so that I will be able to help him. I am going back to therapy, which is not something I have always been in favor of. Even if I am doing it because, I want to help him (if need be) I feel that it will also help me..there is no harm in trying. That's all I got today. Hope everyone has a blessed day!
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Keep up the great job! I look forward to hearing from you more.