Brain Slurry

Gandhi said,”Where there is love, there is life.” Does that mean I'm dead without you?

I need to know how you feel. I can't proceed with my life until I know. Tell me I'm a freak. Tell me I'm Glen Close to your Micheal Douglas; ala Basic Instinct. I have repeatedly told you that if you don't want to talk to me, you have to tell me. You have to say the words. You have to say,”Get away from me.”

I suffer from an insanely steroid-pumped version of optimism; especially when I have invested myself. “Rose-colored glasses” doesn't even cover it, more like glittered blinders. I quit seeing the bad things. I only see the good. So, here's as close to a rational Pro-Con List as I can get.
Pro: Our communication is almost telepathic.
Con: You're half a country away.

Pro: You're as messed up as I am.
Con: You don't have a job; and aren't looking.

Pro: You're love your kids.
Con: You have a ***** of an ex-wife.

Pro: You don't mind my drinking.
Con: You're a casual drug user.

Pro: You make me feel normal.
Con: You are unhealthy.

Pro: You worry about me.
Con: You are unstable.

Pro: You think I'm smart.
Con: You have such low self-esteem.

Pro: You think I'm hot.
Con: You are a fatalist.

Pro: You read something because I asked, even though you're dyslexic.
Con: I have no way to contact you.

See why I'm confused?
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Gray areas have never been my strong suit...But thank you for reading and responding to my story.