I was indirectly accused of being a sheep today. I took offense. Then, I stepped back, looked again, and came up with a very thoughtful, concise response.


So, I like a few things that are "mainstream". Big deal. I'm into some "sidestream" stuff, too. But neither one of those labels defines who I am. So, if it makes YOU feel better about YOUrself to label me, then go ahead. But, here's a thinker for ya. YOU are jumping on a bandwagon, too. YOU are so uncomfortable with YOUrself that YOU can't just let people be who they are. YOU pass judgment on others to make YOUrself feel better. That is one full wagon, my friend. I prefer to travel sans wagon, and hoof it. The scenery passes slower, and you get to spend more time on the journey.

So, BAH! I'm a sheep. :P
rtriggs rtriggs
31-35, F
Dec 3, 2012