Being Lonely

My, name is Chris I was diagnosed 17 years ago and have been on and off medication, currently on. My wife of 8 years and I divorced back in June and I just moved to a new city a few months ago. I forgot how much being alone aggravated my disorder, I have suffered with thoughts of suicide for a long time on a daily basis, now its almost hourly. I find myself not being able to focus and having a hard time sitting still. Oh I wish I was normal!
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Chris, I spend most of my days alone as well. It is depressing and I know that you are feeling the same thing. I tend to dwell on the past a lot for some reason and on trivial things as well. I hope that you get out there and find productive things to with your time rather than spend all your time playing games on the computer. I am trying to get out but it is hard for me because it seems so hypocritical to me that I would go out and try to be normal when my head is so crammed full and spinning with thoughts and crazy ideas etc. Please don't kill yourself. Living and trying to live - you will find better days my friend.

I am 15 and have very mild Bipolar disorder and ADHD and ADD. I wish i was normal and that I were able to behave like a normal kid all the time. But i know the fact is that i'm not always going to be able to do that. But i can try hard. I have all A's in school most of the time and when i don't i have a's and b's and i am in Pre-AP courses and have a good amount of friends. I know the struggles of being bipolar and i am here for ya.

Thank you all, for your kind words and support. After re-reading my post I want to assure everyone that while I deal with suicidal thoughts, I will not act upon them. My father killed himself in 1989 and I got to see first hand how it affects those around you. As far as going to any kind of meetings, I am not sure that is right for me. Reading the stories on this site, and being able to make these posts has been quite beneficial to me.

Sounds like you need some sort of social group or activity. I would check in local newspapers for such activity in the area so that you would have someone to talk to and possibly relate with. Talking always helps and most of the time it doesn't really matter who you are talking to as long as they listen. Good luck!

Sounds like you need a new diagnostic for depression