Used Agaisnt You

Ive been bipolar (diagnosed) for three years now and durning that time ive been off and on my meds, on high and low manic "mood swings" and spent thousands of dollars on my parents credit card. All and all its been a very "good" three years that ended up with one hell of a restraining order agaisnt my brother in law who by the way is the biggest douche of them all.... anyways being bipolar you get used to getting the short end of the stick or text messages from your father, "did you take your meds?" every night... and why? Its because your diagnosed with something out of the "norm"... dont even get me started.....i mean cant i be angry with out people assuming the worse... cant i treat myself to or with a bracclet every once in awhile without being "manic" ...... ill write more later
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Jan 5, 2013