The Worst Thing About Bi-polar Disorder

The worst thing about Bi-Polar Disorder is other people really don't understand. They tend to believe it is just a matter of "getting over" whatever is "bothering" me. Don't they think if it were that simple I would have done that a long time ago? It is pointless to try and explain the depth of sadness I can feel when in the throws of depression. It is pointless to try to get them to understand how I feel emotions they take for granted magnified by ten. It is a challenge, some days to place my feet on the floor and go on with the day. Then there are days where I feel I can conquer the world and still have time left over to write, paint, etc.! What is worst, I can experience this spectrum of feelings all within the same day...sometimes the same hour...sometimes same minute. That is something "normal" people cannot understand. Instead it easier for them to write me off as crazy, too emotional, flighty, insane, unstable, inconsistent....The worst is when those words come from the person who is supposed to, by virtue of a vow, to love, honor, and support you through it all. I would give anything to have a mind that did not betray me. I am a talented person. Oftentimes, I surprise myself with the ease by which I can create beautiful things, how quickly I can master concepts, etc., but I would give it all up to be normal.
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Love to you <3

Thank you &lt;3