When people went to the doctors about this was it a long time before they were able to say you had bi polar ... I don't think I have bi polar I have googled it and from what I read it might explain a few things .. It just I don't really want to be going to the doctors wasting my time and getting know where! Do I need to open up at the doctors? I always say to myself it's ok to talk to the doctor but when the times comes I back out and don't say much at all! I haven't told my girlfriend that I'm going to the doctors (she thinks I might have it) should I tell her or not tell her?
What has it been like living with bi polar is it easy to cope when on meds and off the rails when not on them? If anyone could help with any of this please send me a MSG I'm keen to hear your input

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It was super easy for my diagnosis. My mom has it and we go to the same doctor so family history was something she was aware of already. If you have trouble remembering what's going on make it a habit to write things down as they pop up. Make a list and take it to your doctor. Be very honest with yourself and the dr. You will only hurt yourself and your girlfriend in the long run if you withhold information or refuse to think this is a possibility. Being diagnosed was a blessing in disguise. On what part I was so upset and disappointed and the other I was relieved to know there is help for me through medication, therapy, support groups, self help and books/articles. Don't wait the longer you wait the more severe a low or high could be if you are bipolar. Best wishes to you :)

There are strict guidlines when it comes to having bi polar , like you have to have atleast have one manic episode followed by a depressive episode. You should talk to your doctor about some of the symtoms you haveWith Manic. you don't need much sleep, like a few hours, have a very active mind, you feel on top of the world, you have irratonal and delusional thoughts, you could have an over active sex drive, and could lead to a pychosis. Depressive episodes are worse than regular depression. You keep to yourself, don't leave the house much, cry a lot, appietite changes, disprups your work and home life. Having medication depends on the person, how sever their bi polar is. The medication they usally perscribe for bi polar is a mood stablelizer called lithium. It's up to you if you want to tell anyone, maybe wait until you hear what the doctor says. When diagnosing bi polar the doctor wants a history of your symtoms, to check if you go from manic to depression, or just manic to normal. Either Bipolar one or two. Good luck, and if this is a concern for you, I would deffinintly speak to a doctor.

For me it took a year. Your moods dont always go up and down real fast. Yes open up to the doctor. Tell the doctor why you feel you dont have it.