I have been to see the Psychiatrist and not just one, and not just once .
I was diagnosed with Borderline Syndrome
At first I found it hard to accept to be diagnosed with Borderline. As I did not understand the Illness.
Also I wondered if I have some hint of Manic ...
Now that I have read quiet a lot about Borderline Syndrome, I understand that this often comes with other Disorders.

However I figured that with me it is difficult to diagnose a bipolar disorder, because when I am in the "UP" phase. I am not going to my Dr and saying - here ... now check me out I am rather high - all elated, there is something wrong with me. I'd rather go out and hug my friends and family and use my surge of energy to do and create incredible things ... would be a waste of time a visit to the Dr what for?
So I created a diary on my phases and you know what I fell out with my psychiatrist. Too bad (sarcastic lol).

What now ... well I know my symptoms, experiencing them very vividly and I am to trying to be more aware of my moods, especially how they develop and somehow it doesn't matter too much anymore, what the name of my Metal conditions are.

Still it would like to know for sure, cause I am very bad at living with insecurity.

I thought I might share this page:

Thanks for reading this. I appreciate genuine and none offensive replies, but do not expect any replies. Just happy, if you read it who ever you are. :)
Likewhatido Likewhatido
36-40, F
Jan 17, 2013