I was just diagnosed this past year. I'm trying to learn to stay in control of my moods. I want to be better able to take care of me and mine. I've hurt people I love in the past and I don't want to anymore.
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Ty, I'm gonna write that down and hang it by my bed. That way on my bad days it will remind me.

I got diagnosed about 3 years ago, I'd just turned 20. The hard truth is that it's probably always going to be a struggle. Even with the best doctors and meds. But with time you learn to take care if yourself. Although this DOES take time. But when you do get down, and having bipolar means about as down as possible...that the mood WILL pass and you won't feel that way forever. I know it's horrible, but its like a physical illness, sometimes your going to feel sick :(. Good luck :)