Stuck In An Upward Spiral

This is not as good as it sounds. Today is day four of mania (or maybe hypomania or maybe mixed, I am not sure which one it is).

Here are my symptoms:
increased productivity
increased shakiness
racing thoughts
pressured speech
moving around faster
increased energy
increased need to be social
the feeling that I am losing my mind
aches and pains

My manic episodes used to just last hours.  Now they are lasting days and weeks and are happening more frequently.  I take Li but cannot really tell what it does.  At first I like the mania, and there are some good things about it, however after a few days I just wish it would end.  Stable sounds kind of boring but mania is really hard on my body.    
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I've gone through months of mania without even knowing it so the fact you recognize it is really good. When I get like that for me, I first tell my husband. Someone who is your support needs to know. I take my anti anxiety pill for a day or two and then make an appt with psychiatrist if it lasts more than a few days or if it gets worse or medicine isn't helping. Now is the time you might want to try to micromanage those emotions and not be impulsive. I know that feeling well. It's like an itch you need to scratch, you might feel like your skin is crawling, whatever it is, accept its happening and focus on tools you have that help manage it. Take care...