Poor Bears Having a Down Day!!

Bi-polar is kinda some days you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you!

The being manic part is top of the world class Jesterism at it's best most of the time, but the abysis waits.

I think that's why so many people are scared of clowns, the darkness within, is in the eyes......

Drugs an more drugs..Prozac the life killer, destroys libido and makes ya so suicidal that it should be illegal. I could name more but right now the pendulum swings and I am off to do something else.. TBC.....

Ha, tis funny reading the musings of yesterdays madman,  my Ritalin eases up trying ta pass on the outside, but Jamesons slams inta 420 blockin the mania for the moment. it's neck n neck thunderin toward the finish line. But wait random thoughts have turned it inta a damn steeple chase. Somewhat like my goal ta live forever, So far so good! been a while miss you guyzzz n me sometimes as well....Dx

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5 Responses Jun 2, 2007

A bipolar person should never be on ANY anti-depressant. It induces mania.

I've learnt that the hard way time and time again till they diagnosed me properly thank god the stuff sent me insane big time

Prozac snapped me and i did time. Its dangerous

I was so excited to see you on Mountain man ,you are missed .Hug

I like the pendulum comparison, and some meds are bad, but there are some of my meds that are great, I dont view them as something to be avoided because a scientific psychiatrist has to prescibe them to me every 3 months. I am lucky I worked for the government and therefore I get to do what I want and get paid a fair ammount of money for it, so being diagnosed has worked out well for me. Also, some of my meds (though lately going thru a time that I wont whine about) have helped me not be so irrated and mean all the time on the one end, and on the other end drowning, so when we add in some research and wisdom into our lifes instead of focusing on what are viewed as faults, we will hopefully all know to view it as nothing but a hurdle to get over time and again, and keep chuggin along until the "natural" finish line and not take an early exit like many of us have thought of before. I am a survivor and I am going to do whatever the hell it is my inner spirit came here to accomplish, and go home when it is time, but not before then. I will not quit, I dont give a **** how hard we think it is, nothing worse than having to come back and do it all over again, so my friends, rejoice in your successes and do your best to not fret overly so when you think you cant get out of the pit, by now you know that you can get out because you have been there before and will be there again. Each time you survive without rubbing yourself with an early exit, you then will realize the warrior that is within you and me. Let them run the show for a bit, because sometimes we just cant get out of our own way.

I completely agree about Prozac. No way I'm ever taking that again