My Mother Claims That I'm Just Slavic.

My mom's 100% Polish.  She says that Slavs just have mood swings.  I think I'm bipolar, but she doesn't believe in psychological illnesses.  I know that I'm old enough to go to a doctor and get diagnosed for myself, but I still live under my parents' thumbs while they're paying for my education and my insurance and, pretty much, my life.  I hope that once I move out I can find a solution.
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You need to find the proper help ASAP, don't let anyone hold you down. This could be a very important issue that won't just go away. If you are bipolar then you need not just medication but people who can help you get through the tough times. Is paying for your education gonna be important for them when you struggle in the work place because of your emotions. I'm not trying to make u scared, but this sounds like its An import thing to take care of. And if you can't take care of yourself than who is going to

i live with people who don't believe in the magic of psychology as well. this is soooo destructive and i don't support this view at all, if it weren't for psychology i would probably not be here.


My grandfather doesn' believe in them either. My nephew has ADHD and he doesn't even believe in that. I diagree. I am currently pending an evaluation for bipolar disorders. It can make your life different. I would suggest to go get evaluated. There are so many people who choose not to get evaluated because they do not want to be labeled. Truth is, lebeling is all we do in society. I voluntarily requested an evaluation due to having problems for about 2 years. I think it would benefit you.

Well I would talk to a Doctor at University check out the privacy laws. Your quality of life will improve on a mood stabilizer. More friends more good times. Ask a counselor at school,about your options.

Some people tryly never get it - even if they have a mental problem themselves ;<br />
It is important that one gets help AS SOON AS POSSIBLE , the earlier you start meds - the bigger chances to have a good life - many doctors have told me that ;<br />
I begged my parents to help me with my brother but they do not want to do it , my brother is no longer himself and he is now far too ill to help himself ; He will never be able to help himself and my parents will never ever agree to have him helped ; I can only call police but if I do that my family will disown me ; Mind you , these all uni - degree - educated people - but ... All I say is HELP YOURSELF , IT IS YOUR BIRTH - RIGHT TO HELP YOURSELF - DO NOT EXPLAIN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TO , ASK YOUR DOCTOR TO TALK TO THEM (!) , WHATEVER YOU DO GO AND HELP YOURSELF WHILE YOU CAN ! Do not let it go like my brother , it is late for him now ; YOU GO AND SAVE YOUR LIFE - IT IS GREAT THAT YOU AEW WILLING TO ASK FOR HELP - SO WASTE NO MORE TIME , GO TODAY ! GOOD LUCK !!

ive been on meds for 5 years and nothing

I feel sorry for you , some cultures are shocking <br />
and will never ever let anyone get diagnosed or know about diagnosis ; <br />
Maybe your parents are frightened that they too have it ?<br />
All Slavs are NOT moody , I am one and I am never moody -<br />
but I do understand what they mean by saying it , there is an element of gloom - mood - in the art / songs / etc ; However , trust me ,<br />
there is a bit ' moody ' and MEDICALLY - MOODY - and what you are talking about is probably medical thing <br />
and nothing to do with culture ;<br />
Slavs are often paranoid of getting diagnosed with mental disorder of any sort; <br />
Psychiatry is still in a stone age over there ;<br />
Curtosy of my Slav parents - my brother is half a time psychotic <br />
but my parents are sitting and watching him go down for years , they do not want to see the problem for the fear that they too might have the problem in their genes.<br />
I think you should not wait for them to agree , they might never do it ;<br />
You go and ask for help - yourself ;

I have a friend that 'snuk' medication. She went to a county clinic, so the bill couldn't be traced and got her meds. LOL I thought that was pretty clever.

The sooner you seek help the better, if you end up manic it affects your life and your actions are not going to be controlled because you cant control episodes.. prayers are with you!

YES , this is true , the sooner you get help the better !
also , manic state destroys gray mass permanently inside brain , so the more manic you are - meaning more often you have the episodes - you come out more altered as well - ... doctors know this ; So do not let it happen time and time again - save your gray mass and keep your personality intact - The moment you get meds it all frises right there and you do not go ' down' any more - GOOD LUCK !

Unfortunately there are many cultures that do not believe in psychological/psychiatric disorders, and please know that you are not alone. I find it sad because many people hide in shame or do not seek the treatment they need due to this. If you think that you may need help, do not deprive yourself of this.