Bi-Bolar and Meds

Meds have been good for last 4 months... Life was generally good.  limited bad thoughts.

Strange.. I place I worked and end up in the hospital 2X seemed to have become my pass... worked at a different company for a year.,,, the old company asked me to come back as a consultant.... it was working... now I'm in a knot..... future looks bleak... ready to walk away.


LightenUpM LightenUpM
56-60, M
2 Responses Sep 19, 2008

sorry life looks bleak for you at the you want to share more so on of us can support you.ive gotta go out soon but will log back on later.dollydean

I am bipolar as well and am on depakote (and other stuff as well) on and off for 6 years now. But consistantly on them for the past year. remember it's just one step back, but always two steps foward again, I know life doesn't feel like "life" anymore, but not feeling life (and the % rate for sucide is really high for us) isn't worth NOT actually "being here" at all, and pressing on. If that was true, you wouldn't have even been born, and you were born and are here, life wanted you here (any which way, still does), and life believes in you. Live knowing that :) All of life, though you can't feel it anymore, still is saying, yippy!!!!! For you, everyday.