Another manic night. Hopefully I can at least focus at work today. It's 4 am and I'm wide awake. Yesterday the thoughts were rushing through my mind so fast that I couldn't stay on task.
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recently had some hormonal tests done for myself although the reports were normal, the questions sheet I was asked to fill in was quite disturbing. Asking me about my mood swings and stuff. Which has got me into thinking if I am bipolar.. but am not really sure.. Hopefully I am not..

Anyways from what I have read about it I feel it being bipolar could be devastating but good thing is it can be cured.

I don't know the seriousness of your issue but I hope you find solace in everything you do.. take care and all the very best..

Thank you. Unfortunately it can't be cured but medication can help. I will be on medication for the rest of my life. My mood swings are terrible if I don't take it.

I truly believe that everything has a cure. It only takes time to find the best cure for each problem.

I know that mood swings can be terrible. It affect the people around you but more than them it affects you.

Not sure if you like to exercise ( especially run) but a run can help you take your mind off everything and just concentrate on yourselves. coz during the runs your mind is one with your body.. The best thing is it could tire you so much that you can get a really sound sleep what's more it can also energize you.

I am not sure of your physical fitness but I am sure if you start it you would enjoy it.

Do continue with your medicines and also ensure to consult with your doctor if it's okay for you to do certain exercises like running or brisk walking..

I'm getting ready to start exercising again. I had to cancel my gym membership bc I had a seizure so I'm not allowed to drive. My hubby is getting me an elliptical. I'm excited. Yes, exercise does help. I'm also trying to clean up my diet. That's important too.

yes diet is important too. Elliptical exercises should help too. It would also be a good idea to just go out for a walk at night after dinner with your hubby. Not a brisk but just a leisure walk but maybe a long distance walk of about 4 to 5 km which would give you quality time with your husband and also help you unwind. not to mention the added exercising benefits :)

Im interested to take this hormonal test. How did you go about doing it?

consult a doctor coz they would have to check you first and then recommend the tests.

As they came out normal, what are your next steps? Im asking because my pdoc and gp both think i have bipolar but i just think im hormonal

Well you may be bipolar if they checked your hormones and they are ok...I dunno...there isn't a test that I know of for bipolar. They base the diagnosis on the types of behaviors and symptoms you have.there are plenty of helpful sites that are reputable that have good info about bp. U should check them out. Feel free to message me with any questions.

well I don't think am going to pursue anything forward. Maybe it's just a feeling that I think am bipolar but maybe I am not.. The hormonal tests were done to detect just hormonal issues (if any) I was not getting diagnosed for any bipolar disorders so maybe I am not able to help you in these aspects .. Sorry about it..

Thank you for the response. I plan to ask a doctor to refer me for one. Hopefully all works out for you

thanks. I hope all goes well for you too. All the very best..

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