Hey, guys. I have a little bit of a problem - I've been noticing bipolar symptoms in myself for around a year now. I've practically self diagnosed myself with type 1. Every single psych quiz I've taken (I know they're not concrete diagnoses, but they're somewhat helpful for pointing in the correct direction) has said I have moderate to severe symptoms. I want to talk to my parent about it, because they're the ones who could get me to a therapist and meds and stuff, but I'm really scared to. The manic and depression streaks have been more and more severe lately. My most recent depressive streak I self harmed for the first time and it was really scary. I'm afraid to talk to my parents because they probably won't believe me. Whenever I talk to them about things like this, major things, they just brush it off, saying things like, "Everyone goes through things like that," or, "It's just a phase." But it's been a year, and I'm still in the same place, but I can feel it worsening, and quickly. I wish I could be taken seriously. And tips?
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You will need medical help if that is the case. My dad has severe bipolar, & he can become dangerous to himself & others when he is manic. Good luck.

Btw, you are very beautiful, just FYI. I'm not trying to be creepy.

thanks <3

talk to your doctor, they can do a referral