I Am Tired

Tired of this emotional rollercoaster called bipolar. It has made my life and the lives of my family so difficult. Sometimes I just want to give up but I have found a great psyc Dr who just started me on Abilify and it is showing great promise. I am too afraid to hope that this will work, because in the past I have tried too many things that failed.

tvsfrankie tvsfrankie
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5 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I also take Abilify and it works for me!I was diagnosed at 23, I am now 50, lots of good medication out there. I hope for you the best. In Christ...Autumnwood

Hang in there man. I was just recently diagnosed with this disorder, and I've already been on three medications for it. I finally found that abilify works for me, so I hope you can get the same good results :)

I hope that ambilify works for you. I do agree with you the rollercoaster is not fun and a rough stage. Just remember that you can tell if something is good because you know what something " bad" is like. And that in itself is a great accomplishment.<br />
Email if you want to vent or chat.

Stay with it frankie. Because our brains are complex it may take a few trys with medication to get the right one at the right dosage. If a medication is not successful it does not mean you should give up hope; it does mean that your illness,and mine, often need to be tackled in different ways. Every no gets you closer to a yes.

Thanks your kind words mean a lot!