Happy, Sad, Happy, Sad

Yeah me!! I was originally diagnosed when I was about 17. After years of the extreme highs and lows it was nice to finally have a name to put with what was wrong. I found out that my grandfather was also bipolar and had spent time in a psych. ward due to the illness. Over the years following my diagnosis I have been on and off my meds. I'm sure there are at least some of you who have played out the similar script. You start the meds, start to feel better, stop taking the meds because you don't feel as though u need them, and end up bottoming out and start to take them again. The road to the right medication for me was a rough one. I have tried i would say at lest 80% of the meds out there for bipolar. One by one they made me worse, didn't help or made me too high to function. Now i have found a good cocktail that i take daily (well i stopped while preg. but will resume as soon as she is born, meds and preg. scare me). I still struggle daily with it but it is getting better.

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I was just recently diagnosed with it but I've been on meds for quite a while now, and I've gone cold turkey off my meds and I haven't bottomed out yet but I'm waiting for the day.... <br />
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But good luck with your pregnancy :)<br />
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I wish you the best :]

But isn't it a relief to just know that there is a name for it and not feel like you are going crazy? I honestly thought I was losing my mind, that i was somehow broken for lack of a better word. Now i find comfort in the fact that i am not alone.

Thanks hippy! i think we all go through that cycle lol sad but true. And as u know with bipolar u have to have a stabilizer if you take an antidepressant and my doctor tried to tell me just to take the zoloft (which i would have eventually spazzed out on) . I figured as long as I was maintaining well that I would avoid the meds til the baby comes. They say hormones can actually keep you well for the time and it seems to be working, im down to the last few weeks so i guess i made it through ok