Maybe-don't Know

I believe i have bipolar. Although i have a few diagnoses-major depression, dissociative identity disorder, and it's been suggested but i guess i haven't had a diagnosis from a psychiatrist. He said had i been told i have bipolar & i said yes i have but he said nothing more.

This is what happens to me-I feel really good & so happy, then for no reason in minutes sometimes, i feel like crying & depressed & feel like that's it!

It keeps changing all day. But the bad moods last longer than my happy times. SO FRUSTRATED! CAN ANYONE SHED ANY LIGHT ON THIS? It would be appreciated if anyone has an answer for me.

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The best way to find out about dissociative identity disorder is to google it. But it's where you have different identities come through.Like i have a man who is so angry & yells. Another is weak & crying & getting to mr.Another is like mum, dad & other "identities" in my head. I don't think that i explained it properly so you will understand more when you google.<br />
Look forward to sharing with you too!

Hi! You have my message. What is diassiatice identity. <br />
<br />
Look forward to sharing with you! :)

It's good to know that i am not alone. I am sad that other people are afflicted with this as i wouldn't want to wish it upon anyone. Keep in touch. I will let you know what happening & you can let me know what's happening(if you want-if not -it's cool)

mee three in this group i dont know im depressed and then super hyper and crazy weird but mostly the sikoatrist told me i have depression and anxiety but he still thinking about the bipolar thing

I struggle with the same issue. i have never even tried to consult it. i know I AM bipolar. And the bad moods alwas last longer than the good moods. mostly it is because there is something bothering you, but usually, if you think about, noone really is truly and genuinly happy. Happiness is not something we deserve, its a gift (i stole this one frome the memoirs of a geisha, its true tho).