What A Difference....

Being as im an "addict" i never took my bipolar diagnoses seriously. That is until i got clean. This then presented me with a new dilema..... To med or not to med. I only battled with this bc of my past addictive history and didnt want to fall into a whole other realm of addiction. ie: pills.

With all that being said, i couldnt stand myself or the way i treated every1 else so i decided that i would try the medication to see if it would make me more tolerable. AND OH MY GOODNESS the difference my medication makes is unexplainable. I dont have the urge to drive off into the guard rail/ditch/river. Or debate about which chemical would work the fastest to  put me outta my misery. I am able to get outta bed each morning and appreciate that i have another day! I love this feeling i now have, i love the life i have been blessed with.

JusMea JusMea
31-35, F
1 Response Nov 14, 2009

Type your comment heri tried a few until before i got to the right cocktail. Seroquel,Lithium & xanax or klonapem has worked for me.e...