Mood Swings ...

I have mood that swings like a sprinkle ! I try to control myself not to lose my grip .. but I cant .. I dont like taking pills .. Its not the right way to solve this problem .. Lately, I practice Yoga and it helps ..


DollyDiva DollyDiva
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Thks so much for both of you ..<br />
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DD<br />
I am proud of you for investigating alternatives. I know everyone is different and getting information is a positive in most cases; my cousin is bi-polar and preferred not to take the meds. After much trial and error she had to go on the meds for 6 months and ween herself off meds into a natural regiment. I am happy to say she is doing very well and seems to be happy and even more secure with who she is. I wish you only the best and good health.

Yeah .. thats right !

Thks both of you for understanding ..

i kno how u feel.<br />
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message me if you'd like.