I Am Bipolar And It's Part Of Me.

I was diagnosed with bipolar around 15 years ago. I've been through all the emotions there are. Denial, anger ,rage,blaming. I was so angry I slashed my arms badly. One required 22 stitches and a blood pressure cuff to stop the bleeding. I was sent to the psych hospital for 72 hours because they thought I was  trying to kill myself. No one understood I was NOT, I was just sooo mad!  After time though, I finally began to accept that this was my life and if I stood a chance of happiness, I'd better get help and listen to people who knew what they were dealing with. Healing also involves taking meds the rest of my life. This also isn't easy. Patience is the key and a good Dr is a must. So 5 hospitalazation later (10 years ago was my last) I still have my ups and downs, but life through my eyes now is wonderful. Besides, being a little manic once in a while gets my house cleaner!   LOL

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There are some REALLY good books out there that are so helpful in understanding bipolar. The most important thing to understand is that it is NOT a weakness of the mind or a flaw of the soul. It is no more someones fault than if they had cancer or diabetes. Some of the worlds most brilliant and creative people were and are bipolar. Thank God she has you. Make sure she knows you are there for her in a completely non judgmental way. Don't take this on alone yourself either. There are support groups for families and friends of bipolar people. Take care.

Sadly I have a grandaughter whom is going through the same right now and only finding out that her life will be a little different than her friends along the way of life. I so wish I could help her.She has bi-polar and her mom just doesn't understand. I pray for her all the time and hope God will reach her before she does something that can't be fixed.