i was diagnosed less than a week ago and i feel lost  before my behaviour was given a label everyone i knew just accepted it as my quirky personality now  iget the age old head tilt sad face and of  course the most stupid question " how are u feeling?!" i want to scream in their well meaning faces until they run away from me and leave me alone i hate the pills they make me feel so sick  all the time i know im bitching but i cant even begin to write down the turmoil that is swirling in my head i guess what im trying to say is that i need some friends that understand

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I completely understand what your'e going through. You'll always have a friend here too talk too.


thank you for your resonses to my post it feels really good to know that people understand what im going through i have been trying to find a support group near were i live but so far all the groups are for the carers of people with BP which i find frustrating to say the least! i really dont have a much understanding of the condition myself! my husband went to his first support meeting this morning which is a positive thing im hoping he will be able to give me a little insight into the condition! i have one problem i dont know how to solve which is how do i explain to my 12 year old daughter what is happening if anyone out there has any suggestions i would be immensely grateful to hear them

I'm also biPolar. I've been medicated to one extent or another for the last 26 years. I understand. Adjusting to meds is the worst part. It can take up to 90 days to stabilize.

I'm bipolar II. hypomania alternating with major depression with frequent mixed states. I understand where you're coming from. Its been a real relief putting a name to it. I spent years wondering what the hell was up. <br />
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It sucks but how could anyone who doesn't experience it possibly understand? You aren't alone though.

I do understand, your not a charity case your a beautiful human being!!