I Am Biracial>> But That Aint All

I am Biracial, half German (mother) and half Black (father), I am a twin and I came out looking more Black and my twin looked a little more white.. I "acted black" as they say and she "acted" a little more whiter. She and my father got a long very well and he and I never had a relationship, I got along with my white mother more but she had a problem with Black women(and I'm a Black woman) she sometimes  would say things that would offend me and she went on like the things she said didn't apply to me just because I had a white mother, My twin and I would always fight over the attention of my Dad but I never won... and I started to feel like does my father think I'm too black for him! I know.. immature but when you're 4 or 5 years old you do think childish..  I grew up in an all white school, but the few Black kids that did go to the school, I was friends with all of them, my twin was too but she also had a lot of white friends... I really wouldn't get too much "HATE" from girls when I was younger, but when I became older (16 17 on up) thats when females would say things or I would get "you got white in you don't you?" or "Is that your real hair?" I've had woman want to jump my just because I was light skinned, I've had friends only want to hang out with me just because they knew guys would try to holler or talk to us and I would turn them down and my friends thought I could just turn the men to them, but the most of all is my man of 8 years (a black man) he calles me cracker or honkey and I always feel like I have to proove my blackness to him and the children, he thinks I'm the white girl with a black girls butt... and I honestly feel like thats how men look at me.. light skinned girl with a dark skinned girls booty and I'm so over it, I'm too white for black folk and too black for white folk so it's a never ending battle

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I fell hard for a girl who would be considered biracial; among friends we initially joked that she was "mocha" and she dealt with it well, even truly laughing about it with us. Eventually I found the funnest person I've ever met and we really helped each other through some of the hardest times in our life up to that point. <br />
I'm almost ashamed to say at first her racial qualities felt a little 'exotic' to me, because they were new to me. It has left me more open-minded (or so I hope), and I realized that racial humor and prioritizing is a tired and negative practice best left to older times.<br />
Man do I miss her! *sniffle*

I said some smart *** comment before reading it all...But I hit delete....But I really think that you shoud drop you man...For if he is saying things like that he really has no respect for you....And you deserve better....<br />
<br />
Me I see it this way.....You are not biracial....There is only one race here on this earth my Dear...The Human Race...and I am sure that you are all that....Toss the twirp to the curb...and go out and enjoy yourself....and let a Real man...a Good Man find you....For you are worth the hunt....

I am sorry that people don't look to the inside instead of the out. It is a sad thing I think. If your man can't stop saying things that are hurtful to you, maybe you should find a man that will treat you like a Lady that you are instead of making fun of you. Good Luck, Big Hugs

That is really sad. All of the drama and bad feelings<br />
<br />
because of the color of ones skin. And your husband <br />
<br />
souds really imature. That is bordeline abuse. I am so<br />
<br />
sorry about that. It is easy for me to say but try to<br />
<br />
surround yourself with positive people who don't have<br />
<br />
so many issues. I hope that you can get to a good<br />
<br />
place! You come here and vent anytime!!!!!