Admitting That I Am Bisexual Is Liberating

I am a 37 yo. woman, married with two children.  I have been bisexual all my life and just finally admitting it.  I am moving away from a very catholic and conservative upbringing that really created many forms of sexual inhibitions causing me to miss out on a lot...I am attracted to both men and women.  I had one sexual experience with a girl when I was in my teen and never tried it again.  I am married now and comfortably so but I have been attracted to my best friend from college for the longest but she is straight and I still want her and would like to get in her panties at some point but that would mean cheating on my husband right?
Anaisfleur Anaisfleur
1 Response Aug 13, 2010

Life is for enjoying, go with you friend, you will either get rejected in a nice way ( Friends are not hurtful ) or you will have a very sexually satisfying time ! Go for it., there is nothing like the feel of a womens breast and the sweet kisses.