My Wifes First Time With Another Woman...

I sat quiet as a mouse. It was late in the evening in the summer of 1985. We'd been watching a **** movie when our room mate unexpected returned early from her night out. We were in the living room and quickly the 'stop', and I wrapped myself back in the towel I'd been wearing. When she had gotten home, she went to her room and undressed and dawned a night shirt. She walks in and picked up the bong and hit it a few times and told us of her completely uneventful night out cruising the gay bars. After a short bit she noticed we had a movie in and picked up the remote and hit play and asked "what are you watching?". As soon as the movie resumed there was one woman going down on another. "Ooooh, you guys were being naughty! ....OH ****! I interrupted! I am so freaking sorry you guys..." and she started to get up to go to bed, she was very embarrassed. My wife told her not to worry at all about it and asked her if she'd like to watch it with us. She smiled and said sure.
10 or 15 minutes into the movie, (my wife and I were on the sofa, she was on the love seat) my wife looks at me and smiled and winked. With that she undid my towel and leaned over and began giving me head. Our room mate looked over and at first was a bit startled but didn't seem to mind and began watching. She got up and walked over to our couch and sat on the other end to get a better view. My wife removed my **** from her mouth, looked at "Dee" and asked with a smile "Wanna have a go?". Dee smiled and said no, she'd just like to watch. My wife put my erection back in her mouth and continued. After about a minute more she removed it once again (I was moments away from *******) and looked at Dee "You know, there's something I've been dying to try..." and she crawled on her knees to where Dee was sitting and placed her hands on Dee's thighs. ">..and I think you know what I'm talking about."
Dee was totally shocked at her friends boldness, but a very sexy smile soon came to her face and my wife slowly stroked her thighs. Dee slowly opened her legs and wife leaned over, raised her night shirt and ever so gently and lovingly began eating her pu$$y. Within 2 minutes Dee had slid her butt completely to the edge of the couch and had her legs wide open. My wife was going down on her like she'd been doing it her whole life! Dee was moaning like crazy and responding with complete enthusiasm. My wife made her first woman *** in less than 5 minutes. 3 or 4 ******* later, she came up for air and she and Dee kissed passionately, helped each other off with their night shirts and they switched places. Soon Dee had given several ******* of her own.
After her last ****** had subsided, my wife looks over at me and smiles. She then convinced Dee to have a go at sucking c oc k. We later found out that she had only had sex with one guy in her whole life. She never had sucked him, instead she had let him bust her cherry and that was that. Dee very nervously took me into her mouth, my wife right by her side coaching her. I'd say she got maybe 5 bobs of her head and I exploded into her mouth and onto her completely surprised face. My wife reached over and continued stroking me until I had finished. Dee had released her hold on me in her startled state. YEAH, so what? Quickest ****** of my life. I'd spent the last 20 minutes watching the two of them go at it like a scene out of the best **** movie ever. I lasted about 5 seconds after she put me in her beautiful mouth. It was wonderful!
That nights festivities lasted unto the wee hours of the morning. The three of us had the most wonderfully kinky sex of our lives. It opened a whole new era in my wife and I's sex life. Dee became an equal part in it. She lived with us for a little over a year after that night. In that year the three of us had sex 3 to 4 times a week. We got to know so much about each other in that time. Our relationship ended with Dee met a MAN that swept her off her feet. She moved in with him and eventually we stopped hearing from her. So sad...we miss her dearly and wonder what ever happened with her.
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so did your wife do that again?

Where was the "Dee" in m life????

Dam, a hot story, I only wish for some thing like that!