Married And Bisexual

well story number 2.. I had an affair with a married guy from overseas ..met him in New York City and had an up and down time..
On the msn or skype he was ok so was I but when we met day 1 it was fireworks.. Had incredible sex but I told him I dont want to do it all the way he got pissed in his own way and then we turned cold..By day 4 I was sleeping alone in my hotel room LOL and him in his apartment he had in NY
The point of this story is although I have him on bbm and talk occasionally he wants to meet again then turnes cold find excuses (working a lot,complicated period and so on)
Now we were supposed to meet again he started excuses that I am busy bla bla but still has me on my bbm ..So should I cut it off like that? or should i just let him make the first move..?
If you have read my first story you can see I am not that casual bisexual and dont do one night stands or flings.. He was sort of my wavelength on my matter on bisexuality and thats what I liked and he liked..
Since then 2 years ago I havent or he done anything (find another friend with benefits and that)
So I am just leaving it like that and see what he does from now on..
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Hello Dear, Let this guy alone he just ants to string you along so he can prove o himself he is in charge and to feed his ego and that he is in charge.

hahah liked the "dear" well I know that he is a very upper class gent and with all his ivy league schools and upbringing I have been tolerant with his up and downs.. But now I really had enough and lets see how he "behaves" hehe

Sweety Dump him and find a loyal considerate guy ME for instance ha ha ha

well i dumped him! heehehehe