I Never Knew

My husband and I have always had a little "bed talk" about a woman joining us and frankly while it was "his" idea at first I quickly supported the notion. As this idea grew with me I noticed how differently I noticed other women at work, while shopping, at the gym, everywhere! A salesgirl's lingering touch while handing me a receipt with a smile had me for days. In the meantime my husband and I had been experimenting with being nude and attending "lifestyle" meet and greets. Wow ...we're my eyes opened to a completely new life.

We finally went on a lifestyle cruise and met another couple on board. The chemistry was amazing and I'm not talking between the other man and myself but with HER. She sat close and with expert touches along my leg had me in a fever I've never felt before with anyone.

To be continued
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4 Responses Dec 10, 2012

You go girl! I WILL be watching!

try my wife . she is delicate with soft skin . u n ur husband both can enjoy her body equally

Such an exciting discovery!

I loved watching my late wife have sex with other women. And the 3sums were awesome also.