I Told Her On the First Date

We had dinner and were having  coffee my now wife said that she wanted to tell me something.a short pause she said that she was bi....I smiled and said really paused looked into her eyes...saidreally? smiled and said so was I... what a way to start a relationship......By the way I have never not told any one that I dated....  Honesty is the prime objective in our lives as humans.....do you think  you can look at a loved one in the eyes every day and know that you are lying to them? If you decieve someone it's a lie!

We sometimes share a lover she has the same taste in men and women as I do.  Sometimes we just bring our friends home and play seprate.....you should see what happens after they leave....that would be a Book.

bispeedo bispeedo
41-45, M
Feb 18, 2009