Sexual w/ Men Emotionally Connected w/ my Wife

I am now age 63. I rediscovered my interests in men when I was 50. I had had sex with men in college but considered myself fully hetero at that time. I had fully disclosed to my wife when we married and remained faithful for 30 years. Since my rediscovery of men I have only had sex with men. My wife does not approve. She has said that she would end our relationship if I was unfaithful. We love each other. I am devoted to her in every way except as it regards my same sex attractions. I am fully committed emotionally to my marraige, but will not, give up my being physical with men. I regret being unfaithful, but cannot find another way. So, I have sex regularly with men while continuing to treat my wife as lovingly, in the rest of our relationship, as I can. I would prefer to be more open with her. She knows of my same sex attraction. She will not accept, in our relationship, my acting on my physical connection with men. So, for now we continue in a stalemate (so to speak). I am prepared for whatever transpires. I feel that I must continue despite the possible discovery of my deception. Nature would then take its course. It has been a good 41 year marraige.  

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Thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments. <br />
Things will work out. It's just that t<br />
They just may not work out the way I would prefer.

Tough spot. Good Luck!