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Unlike a lot of folks in this group, I am not allowed to experience my sexual orientation outside of my singular spouse. There is no relief for this other side of me. My partner finds my orientation offensive, and exercises zero tolerance in this regard. She claims this is out of religious beliefs, but knows the scriptures in only a beginner level. I know enough greek to know what is being said. The Bible was written in languages that weren't meant to be translated into english. The english translations are rough and misleading in most cases on this topic. If you don't believe me, ask you local greek or hebrew expert. There are no words that translate into homosexual in any book of the bible. If your relationship is founded on love, I've got nothing but encouragement for you. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. BTW, next time someone gives you crap about poly-anything, ask them how many wives Abraham, David, and Solomon had. If they have any argument after that, ask them to recount the lineage that the Bible boasts of Jesus. If their poly-life wasn't acceptable, I'm sure God would have picked different people to act as earthly predecessors to the Messiah.

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Hey v8 I agree with your translation statements. I don't feel bad about having feelings for guys and girls but I personally hate how I am betraying my family. But that doesn't reflect on you, just my personal feelings about my situation

D94511, I'm not quite sure how to respond. Could you elaborate a little more please?

Married2bf, I totally hear you. When I visit most places, I see a lot fo folks who do a lot of talk and no walk. I do enjoy seeing the ones that do walk though. Frequently, I will isolate myself from the rest so that I don't get slowed down by the mediocre fronts and the pointless conversations. I can definitely see how being surrounded by that can be overwhelming. It's not the place that counts. What you can enjoy as fellowship is the sharing of beliefs and feelings with your close friends who are open to learning more. I find myself bringing it up at the oddest of places, with people that I wouldn't normally talk to about it. I don't make it a point, but sometimes it just pops up, so I share what I can, and hope that it helps them. Just try to have a segeway into a related topic to keep your conversation from stagnating or turning into a debate.<br />
Jackbolin I wish I knew Hebrew period. I have had it on my to-do list, but it just hasn't come up yet. Here is a link to a site that has some similar comments to what I have read before regarding what is mentioned in the OT.<br /><br />
In the end, the decision is up to you. Follow what God puts on your heart. I know for a fact that sexual relations that are not born of love and are intended only for pleasure are selfish, and should be avoided at all costs. I've mentioned above that I see polygamy(polyandry or polygyny) as a good thing because these folks are dedicated to each other. I don't think it is good for everyone, and I know that there are places where it says that it is better (for those capable) to have no sexual relations at all. Above all, study for yourself and keep the Greatest Commandment in mind in all that you do. If you don't know it, then google it. It's the point behind everything we read in the Bible.

The Adversary has very little power to influence folk that practice and live with honesty. As long as I avoid a building full of Christians that are busy <strong>deceiving</strong> one another to pretend to model someone else's interpretation of His Word, satan has no power over my life.

I truly hope you find others who you can relate to and share your beliefs with. I hope that the stigma that we both endure doesn't prevent you from bringing others to know God. Communion with our brothers and sisters in Christ is one of the central pillars to reinforcing our faith so that we don't succumb to the Adversary. God bless and stay strong!

I've long studied the Word on this issue. You are quite right and it is a travesty that the Church used the Word for social engineering. They turned Mary into a prostitute so she (and all women) would be lowered in standing (though she probably understood Christ better than the men) Interestingly enough - Jesus was called "Rabbi" a title that well may have been reserved for married men. The admonition against men laying with men is shaky as some scholars believe it had to do with battlefield rape and logic would dictate that the New Covenant of the Christians would supersede this practice as it supersedes the practices relating to ritual cleansing, sacrifice and food restrictions. :) If all the animals are naked, why would their creator hate naked humans – the power of the Church is worse than a laugh as they have taken a wonderful thing and absolutely defiled it to the point that God fearing and loving Christians like myself want nothing to do with them. As a matter of fact, the Word compels me to shun their crooked ways. So, while I wouldn’t call myself separated from God, I’m alone in worship and being alone in worship was never the intention of Christ.