I'm A Late Bloomer

I've been married nearly 30 years.  I dated a few girls in high school and college, but focused on one, my high school sweetheart.  She's the only woman with whom I've ever had sex.

In high school, I discovered just how hot a guy's **** and naked body are, but knew that I'd get beaten up for sure if I got caught staring.  In college, being in a performing arts department, I had plenty of exposure to guys who were interested in me, but never took the opportunity to explore.  I did, however, spend my share of private time with the Playboy magazines getting off to the pics of hot guys. 

My attraction to other guys stayed simmering beneath the surface after I married.  It continued until after nearly 20 years I started realizing that of all the **** I watched while on business travel, I was spending an equal amount of time looking at the guys as I was looking that the hot women.  So I switched to bi **** and found that the same thing was happening.  So I switched to gay **** and found that I really liked it. 

This continued, although I still had an attraction to hot firm **** and a firm female body and ***, until a couple years ago when I found myself in an adult bookstoore in a video booth.  I had about an hour to kill and was really horny.  I figured I'd watch some hot **** in the booth, take care of my business and leave.  As I closed the door, I heard a brushing sound against the wall of the booth.  I didn't think much about it, and turned to deposit my tokens in the machine.  As my eyes grew accustomed to the dim lighting, I realized that the brushing sound was from a hole that was cut into the wall, and that a very large fully erect black **** and nuts had been thrust through the hole.  Well, I didn't really intend to do something like that, but that **** was so beautiful, and I had never had the opportunity to touch or interact in any way with a **** so conveniently and privately before. 

It took only a matter of seconds before I was touching it.  It felt fantastic.  I was fascinated.  That **** was big and it was heavy.  It was also velvetty smooth.  I loved the feel of it in my hands.  I started to stroke it and gently massaged the smooth nuts that were tight up against the base of that gorgeous ****.  Soon, my fascination got the better of me, and I put the head of it in my mouth.  The guy on the other side let out a quiet groan.  That turned me on, and I started to move my mouth forward, taking as much of that **** into it as I could.  My spit was running down it, and soon I was sucking and stroking.  I pulled back and started stroking faster and harder.  The guy on the other side was panting and groaning hard now.  It didn't take long and he shot his load straight across the booth onto the other wall.  I was glad I had pulled back so that it didn't get on me and my clothes.  As soon as he was finished, he pulled back.  I quickly unzipped and was moving toward the hole when I heard the door to the booth nextdoor open and the guy left.  I deposited my coins and started stroking to the first video that came on the screen... a hot muscle dude ******* a hot young blond with nice pert ****.  It was SO hot... and then suddenly the blond pulled away, and stood up and that's when I discovered I was watching a she-male vid.  At that point I was past the point of no return and totally horny.  So I shot my load.

From then it was a couple years before I found myself with an online email account with an avatar, a profile on EP, and ultimately, going to an adult theater while on travel and getting blown in the theater.  That led to a hookup while I was out of town.  And that led to my trying to find some local buds with whom I could connect, while remaining in the closet, which I have done. 

Now I'm hooked.  There's no going back.  The only thing left is for me to find another bi guy or a couple of them with whom I can share a woman.  Now that would be totally hot.  But in the meantime, I'm constantly horny, and always looking to meet a new local friend with whom I can connect and ultimately hook up for some daytime play. 

I can't believe what I have been missing.  I'm glad I'm not totally late for the party!

m2mdad m2mdad
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Beautiful! Where do you live?

I live in Maryland. You?

It goes to show you, it's never too late!

I can tell you from personal experience that once you try it you'll be hooked !

m2mdad your one hot guy!

Here we are sitting in the same boat and never met. Better latent than never I say. There is nothing better than sharing oneself with another man, another woman, or another couple. Proud to be with you.

Rooster, I agree with Phil. Hang in there. Remain positive. There are many places to go... it all depends on what you want.... many websites where you can post a profile, and many yahoo groups you can join. Personally, I'd stay away from Craig's list. I'm not big on quickie relationships. You can find other men who are like you, and you can continue to search for the connection: mental, spiritual, social and even sexual. Once you experience a connection with another guy, if you decide to meet and get private and personal, you will find that sex becomes the natural extension and culmination in that close relationship you developed, and it will not feel "cheap." Just remember what my good friend said to me, "once you taste the forbidden fruit, there will be no going back." You will find that there will be guilt, and there will be fear, and there will also be a desire for more. There are positives and negatives in all things. Just be careful and cautious and watch out for yourself. Take no unecessary risks. Feel free to contact me any time directly.

Rooster, there are so many men 'out there' who love having sex with other men. Go to gay on line sites, check out the local X-rated book store, bath houses, and of course there is Craig's list. I am continually amazed as to how many men what to be sexual with other men, including me. Don' give up they are there. You just have to be persisitent. Phil

m2mdad, best wishes with your continued search for eager & available men. I find that I have no trouble finding men who want to be sexual with me. I am so impressed with the abundance. One issue is finding men with whom I share interests & who appeal to me. But there seem to many of them as well. Like you, I am so glad that I'm not "too late for the party". And what a wonderful party it is. We could share some of our interests & desires sometime. I don't know if I can put my email address here, but maybe others would like to read our stories, like the one you shared. Phil

Thanks for sharing that Phil! I appreciate your candor and your thoughts!

M2MDad, Welcome to the world of selfdiscovery. What a revealing story. I liked it a lot. I went through a similar period & eventually accepted that I can't live without men in my life. I am married but have been having sex with men for the last 14 years. I have three boyfriends here in the small town where I live. We enjoy each other very much. I love all of the the things gay men do with each other & plan to continue to enjoy all of those sexual encounters. I went through a time when I experienced guilt over deceiving my wife. She knows my inclinations, but won't accept that I need the physical connection with men. So, I see men outside of my marraige. I reliazed that I am getting old & eventually will be incapable of having sex. I don't want ANY regrets. I am passionate about my love of men. I will continue to try to balance my emotional relationship with my wife of 42 years with my eagerness & desires for men. It has been an exciting & deligtful experience so far. Men like me & I want to enjoy them as long as I can. Phil

Well try it! You'll LOVE it! Just remember that once you do, there will be fear, doubt, and guilt that accompany the act. And then there will be the realization that it felt great, and although the intent might have been only to try it once and abandon it, you'll be hooked from the first time, and there will be no turning back. Good luck! And for what it's worth, I'd be happy to be your first or among your firsts! lol

WOW... That was so hot to read.. I have alot of similarities, but have never done anything with another guy

Glad you liked it. What are your personal turn-ons?