I Am Bisexual And Married

It was a slow realisation for me, married for over 20 years and then started to CD. Dont get me wrong I absolutely love sex with females especially the taste of *****. I just decided one day that I wanted to know what it would be like to suck on a ****, this started me thinking about what a **** would feel like in my arse. So the logical thing was to try a ***** first.
As it happened I was spending some time with Susie my sister in law at her place, just to make things difficult she always walked around inside topless (what a great set of ****) which had me constantly hard. One day when she had gone out I figured I would find her toys and maybe get myself off. As it was while looking I found a pile of photos (she had of herself and a girlfriend inmany different positions) plus a few different toys including a strap on. I started playing around with the vibrators seeing how much I could get in my mouth then it was time to try ******* my virginal arse with one of them. Anyway while I was doing this and looking at the photos she had come home and in my excitement I hadnt heard her drive up or walk in.
So it was quite a shock when she walked up behind me and pushed harder on the vibrator while grabbing my ****. I was so scared that I instantly lost my erection, Susie's reaction was bend forward and start sucking until I was hard again. As she had already ******** off I got to feel and suck those beautiful **** and then 69 with her until she came. After flooding my face and me thinking i was about to **** her silly she stood up and told me to stay put as I was about to get the experience of a lifetime. Little did I know that her girlfriend and girlfriends husband were due to arrive. This tme I heard the door open and stood up to get dressed only to have Susie tell to stay put again while she went out to the kitchen. When she came back both Tina and Dave were with her and already ********. Well Tina was about the same build as Susie but it was Dave who had my attention as he had this lovely hard **** of about 8" and I decided then and there that I wanted to suck him dry. They all realised what I wanted to try but first I had to go down on Tina while Susie sucked on Dave This went on for a while and then Dave swapped with Tina and i got to see this lovely hard **** up real close. Susie had done a great job as no sooner had I started sucking on him then he was telling me to let go for a moment. It was then that Susie told Dave to **** me as she had just caught me with one of her vibrators in my arse, I couldn't believe that my fantasies were going to happen all at the same time I told Dave that he'd would be my first and to go easy While he was pushing hist **** into me the girls got down to business together, I thought I was in heaven Dave was ******* me and the girls where 69ing in front After what seemed like an eternity of pure bliss Dave pulled out of me cleaned himself up
And told me to suck on him again while Susie ****** me with a strap on once I had Dave back in my mouth he didn't last long at all before he filled it with hot salty ***
It was then that I knew I was bisexual and wanted more **** and regularly visit Susie as she Tina and Dave are the only friends who know what I like and also accept me cross dressing SInce that first episode they have all had me in one way or another but my first time is what I will remember most
Recently Susie asked me when I was going to tell Helen (my Wife) I said that she would never understand so I wasnt going to let her know. Susie then proceeded to tell me that Helen was bisexual and the she Tina and Helen often got it on together when Helen stayed over. As I didnt know how to work this into a conversation I didnt say anything to Helen. So you imagine my suprise when one night when Susie came over for dinner and then excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she came out to where we were seated in the loung are she was totally nude and playing with herself. Helen nearly lost it there and then until Susie told her to shut up and ***** off as she needed her ***** sucked and wanted to suck my **** And O by the way did you know you are both bisexual." How dare you tell my husband that", was Helens first comment and then she realised what Susie had said. So I confessed that I had been sucking on Daves **** and the three of them had ****** me regularly as I had ****** both of the girls and sucked on all three of them. So now my wife knows and has bought her own strap on which she uses on me all the time.
Ocassionally Dave gets to have all 4 of us girls
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Your story is a HUGE turn-on, especially as I woke up this morning with a yen to suck ****.

I have just reread my story and to my astonishment someone has hacked it. The last paragraph is not mine. No way have I told my wife. She would walk out straight away as definitely not the understanding type nothing like her sister especially regarding sex

They sure did just the last section regarding my wife. She is such a sexual prude. I have no idea how they did it

I was just thinking how well things have turned out for you. Can't you change the story.

Wood u jack off

Oh how I envy you girlfiend

What a glorious way to come out ! You are so lucky, man. I can only dream of situations like that.