Just Never Found The Courage

I always knew that I was bisexual but never found the courage to say it. I was scared that if my friends would know, they would think that I’m trying to be more than friends with them or some stupid thing like that.

This summer I worked in a summer camp where I met some girl who where bisexual too and no one where judging them. From then I said to myself that I shouldn’t be a shame of it and of someone would ask me I would say the truth, but I don’t know if it would be necessary to say it to my boy friend.

I am not saying that because I’m scared to tell him, but I am with him since almost 3 years and since I plan staying with him for the rest of my life, I wonder if it’s  necessary to tell him. I mean it doesn’t really matter anymore that I am attracted to girls, because I’ll never cheat him or something like that.
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you are right, thanks alot for your advices i am more confident now

I don't really think he would mind then.<br />
If he straight up asks you, I suggest just telling him, as it could cause problems later.. <br />
IFhe's not okay with it, sooner is better than later right? <br />
But it's up to you. This is why I don't like giving advice all that much, I feel like I'm forcing my opinion... you see my points though? I don't know him at all.. but just from him being accepting of others, I think he will accept you too.

yes he is. we have friends who are gay but i wonder if he is really ok with this. I cant stand homophobic people and he knows that but i wonder if he would be ok with that if its me.

Yeah, you would think that saying "I'm bi, but don't worry, I don't like you that way" would work, It might, I've never tried it as I've only told one a few people who I KNOW are okay with it, but I suppose they would then worry if you ever fell in love with them. I don't know..<br />
<br />
It's not really necessary to tell him, unless he freaks out if he finds out something from someone else about you. Is he very understanding and accepting of other bisexual and gay people?