Who Cares...

I'm 46 and am a bi white married male. I have told people and I get two reactions, 1. eww that's disgusting or 2. let's have a *********. I've told my wife ever since we got together. She is not into the alternate lifestyle and so I put that part of me aside. I never told my folks but it's not a problem if I did anyways. My mom is gone now and my dad would be fine with it and he probably knows anyway. Those I have told have also said to me, duh, we could have told you that. So it's not really a big deal to me. If someone asks I tell them but otherwise I just keep it to myself.

Someday though it would be nice to get back in the sack with a hot guy. There are a few around me that I would love to have a little fun with... ; >

stghand1964 stghand1964
46-50, M
Feb 24, 2010