Open And Honest Communication!

I have been married to my wife for over 11 years now and we have such a strong relationship. It is a relationship built on trust and honest, open communication. We have found through the years that what works for us seems to be so far and few for other couples. It seems that completely honest communication is a rare and fragile thing with other couples. Well I am here to tell you that yes it is very possible to have that type of communication with your partner. It is so freeing to have that with the person that you fell in love with, that person that is there for you no matter what. I am a bisexual man that is married to a wonderful woman that accepts me for who I am. She knows me both inside and out.

But I will say that the open and honest communication did not happen over night. It took time and it took arguements to get to the real truth. You would be surprised at what can happen within a relationship when you allow yourselves to argue beyond the point of anger and just opening up and letting it all out. When you get to that point to where your anger is overtaken by the urge to just let it all out it will do many things, but one of those things is that you stop lying to yourself and to your partner. Just from our bit of talking with other couples, both on a male/male and female/female one on one and as a couple we have discovered that many woman do have fantasies of male/male action just as guys have the female on female fantasy. But we also discovered that the male on male fantasy seems to be the least shared one because it seems that us men are interpreted as being closed minded when in fact I (male) talk to more married men about bisexuality then I do single men.

It amazes both my wife and I that there are so many men that have these bisexual urges that feel that they can't talk to their wives about the fantasy. And yes I know that talking about the fantasy with your wife is scary as hell, because you are so worried that she will reject you and shun you, but I think that it is worth the risk just to broach the subject as a fantasy instead of just coming out to her and throwing it all at her at once. Because as my wife has told me, women are very emotionally centered and they fear rejection or loss just as much as us men but are more deeply rooted in those emotions. For those of you that are closeted and feel that you can't even broach the subject as a fantasy, or even asking her little questions on what she thinks about male on male fantasies, you have to think about how you would feel if she had the same urges but was so scared to talk to you about it. And when you find out that she has been doing it behind your back and your upset because she didn't talk to you about it, just think about the way you have acted, think about the reasons that you felt that you couldn't talk to her about it.

Every happy and successful marriage is about the ability to communicate. Because no matter what else you can provide for your partner, when it comes to the core of those successful relationships it is all about open and honest communication. My wife and I have literally lost everything in the world and have had to start our life all over again, we have absolutely nothing of value, we live in a ****** little apartment, we both work to scrape by but we are happy with our lives together because we are able to talk to each other openly and honestly. That type of communication will bring you closer together, more so then any object in the world can.

I know that this is a long and kind of rambling statement but I feel that within this statement anyone can find truth and faults but please know that only being honest with yourself and the person that you have choosen to be your partner will you feel complete.
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If a few more people in the world were as honest and as sorted as you what a far simpler and happier world it would be. I will take what you said on board. I have a fantastic bisexual wife and she supports my need to explore my bisexuality too.<br />
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Thank you<br />
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Loved your story. Could not have said it better. I share a very similar circumstance and love my wife all the more for her support!

Every thing you said is soooooooooo true.